Here's Why ICC Is Paying More Than Rs 2600 Crore To BCCI

Solenn Plantier
Juin 22, 2017

Finally, it was decided that United States dollars 112 million more will be given to BCCI from the previously agreed amount.

Based on the forecasted revenues and costs shared by the ICC when it announced the new model, BCCI was to receive $293m across the eight year cycle.

In an earlier decision, ICC had chose to give India USD 393 million as revenue but BCCI had negotiations with ICC chairman Shashank Manohar.

BCCI's share is Dollars 266 million more than the share of England Cricket Board (ECB), which are said to recive USD 139 million.

BCCI though continues to be the richest body in the sport. They are followed by the England and Wales Cricket Board, which will pocket Dollars 139 million.

"This can be seen as a victory for the BCCI".

A Indian Cricket Board official told PTI that "the BCCI has agreed to the terms and conditions". Six other cricket boards, Australia, Pakistan, West Indies, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, will get Dollars 128 million each.

The England Cricket Board received 143 million dollars while Zimbabwe Cricket was offered 94 million dollars.

The revenue sharing model has been a bone of contention for BCCI as the world's most influential cricket board had demanded Dollars 570 million, which was unacceptable to Manohar, himself a two-time former Board president.

The BCCI, in fact, lost 1-13 when it was brought to vote at an earlier meeting. European Central Bank will get 7.8 percent while other boards are getting 7.2 percent. Zimbabwe is getting 5.3 percent. According to ICC's amended constitution, the member nations will have full right to decide on bilateral series, itinerary and every other subsidiary details.

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