How McConnell gets to 50 votes to repeal Obamacare

Evrard Martin
Juin 22, 2017

He opposed the House bill, and McConnell is not likely to count on his vote, which means he'll need nearly every other Senate Republican to vote yes. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, defending the closed-door sessions, has said all Senate Republicans have had a chance to participate in meetings on the bill, and that Democrats are not interested in discussing Obamacare repeal.

Under reconciliation, the way Republicans can try to pass the bill with 51 votes, Republicans have to save $2 billion total. Conservative Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said he had not yet seen the Senate bill.

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson is warning that he will vote against the GOP health care plan if there is not sufficient time to review it publicly and allow his constituents to give feedback. The CBO analysis of the House-passed bill concluded it would deprive 23 million people health insurance they would otherwise maintain if Obamacare stayed in place through the coming decade.

Those subsidies are expected to be linked to recipients' income, a "major improvement" from a health-care overhaul bill passed in the House of Representatives that tied them exclusively to age, Republican Senator Susan Collins said on Wednesday.

The current majority leader, current vice president, and former House speaker are all correct, of course-or at least they were seven years ago.

The narrow strategic reason is that, with no Democratic support for the bill, the Republicans can only afford to lose two members of their own party.

Even if the Senate measure does pass the upper chamber, it will still have to pass muster with the more conservative House before any legislation could be enacted. "I've been talking about a plan with heart", Trump said.

On Tuesday, McConnell told reporters in Washington to expect the draft repeal legislation on Thursday. The Congressional Budget Office has not seen the bill in order to score it, however they should be getting a copy of it this week.

Huntington, who buys health insurance through her state's Obamacare exchange, said her premiums went up by $25 per month this year. But he also criticized the Congressional Budget Office's Assessment of the American Health Care Act.

Feldman says, "Under the American Health Care Act, nearly a million people just in the state of Maryland will lose care".

Alaska moderate Lisa Murkowski said she didn't know how she'd vote, adding, "I have no idea what the deal is".

Almost three-quarters of Americans feel that Senate Republicans should discuss their plans openly with the public, according to a new CBS News poll released Tuesday.

"It's my job to find 50 votes, and we're going to have 50 votes", No. 2 Senate Republican leader John Cornyn of Texas said Tuesday. The Senate bill will try to appease both of them. In addition, a growing number of Republicans are frustrated with the process, saying they apparently will have just a few days to study the draft before being forced to vote on a major piece of legislation.

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