Ige signs climate change legislation

Evrard Martin
Juin 8, 2017

The technology companies, which also include Adobe, eBay, Facebook and Spotify, join a number of businesses from other sectors, as well as investors, colleges and universities, USA states, cities and counties, to declare their support for climate action to meet the Paris Agreement.

Hawaii is making our planet great again in the wake of President Donald Trump's controversial announcement last week that he's pulling the USA out of the Paris climate agreement.

Ige signed a separate bill Tuesday establishing a Carbon Farming Task Force, aimed at identifying "agricultural and aquacultural practices to improve soil health and promote carbon sequestration".

Calls on Governor Hogan to Commit Maryland as Well Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz today joined government and business leaders as a signatory in support of the global commitment to fight climate change, known as the 2016 Paris Agreement.

In another tweet, it seems like Musk is not only leaving the administration's side but he's also debunking what President Trump previously said about climate change.

Unlike French president Emmanuel Macron and other world leaders who strongly rebuked Trump last week, current UK PM Theresa May reportedly refused to sign off on a statement co-written by numerous world leaders reiterating their commitment to the Paris Accord, and instead insisted earlier this week that she thought the U.S. move was a bad idea.

California, New York, Virginia, Connecticut, North Carolina, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Washington state, Vermont, Massachusetts, Delaware, Oregon and Washington, D.C., have signed pledges. Trump thinks that the budget allotted for climate change could be used for something else. India bristled after being told it would gain billions of dollars if the USA signed the agreement, the United Nations called the decision "disappointing" and European leaders lined up to condemn Trump, including French President Emmanuel Macron, who memorably responded, "there is no plan B. There is no planet B".

If there's one thing you wouldn't want as president of the United States, it's having most world leaders find more in common with the North Korean government than with America. More than two dozen other states, mostly in the country's middle, already had been fighting stepped-up federal emissions-cutting programs before Trump's announcement.

Trump's decision has left the USA as one of only three countries, along with Syria and Nicaragua, that are not part of the climate pact.

Undoing most existing USA programs that curb vehicle pollution and other climate-changing emissions would probably take years and court battles if Trump tries, climate experts say.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted online in English throughout the United States.

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