IOS 11 beta 1 is now available to download

Claudine Rigal
Juin 6, 2017

Today, Apple revealed iOS 11 at its Worldwide Developers Conference.

The HomePod speaker was the main product, though Kiwis will have to wait until next year to buy it.

On stage at WWDC, Apple showed a farily simple use for ARKit but promised that more complex experiences could also be managed. Indoor maps will be available for malls in Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Jose, Tokyo, and Washington DC. Then came the iMac Pro, which will ship with dedicated graphics powered by AMD's Vega GPU architecture, and then there were updates to existing Macs.

"The base-model 10.5" iPad Pro will sell for $650, and the refreshed 12.9" model will start at $800.

This is exactly why Apple's new effort to limit texting-while-driving is so commendable.

- iOS 11 will be released later this year, with the main improvements being a new control centre and updates to Siri.

Apple also added a few iPad-specific features, such as more apps in the dock, as well as drag and drop functionality (such as an image or URL into email, for instance). The iMac got better discrete graphics, MacBooks got support for external GPUs, macOS got an updated graphics API, and iOS got a suite of new-to-Apple technologies called ARKit.

"We are so pleased to welcome Amazon to Apple TV", Cook said during the conference. There are 5300 developers from 75 counties, ranging in age from 6 to 82.

Amazon Prime will be coming to the Apple TV app.

The latest version of Apple's Safari browser will be able to stop automatically playing videos as well as online trackers used for advertisers. More importantly, Messages is gaining support for person-to-person payments using Apple Pay, allowing you to send and receive money easily.

-Apart from this HomePod does everything that Amazon Echo/Google Home does: unit conversion, news, weather, traffic, sports, reminders, check mails, timers, alarms, etc. A lot of it is technical but that seems to be hitting the mark with the 5300 developers in the room.

Apple Watch has emerged as the market leader for smartwatches - but it has competition after including basic fitness trackers in the count. You can now loop Live Photos to create a sort of a GIF image. iOS 11 will also have a "Do Not Disturb while Driving" mode. And it has paid out $70 billion to app developers (30% of which just in the last year).

WWDC is primarily a software event, a chance for Apple to show external developers its plans for upcoming releases so that they can start incorporating new features into their own apps.

The new iPads look like a great refresh of Apple's iPad Pro lineup. It will be focused on music.

Pokemon GO was an absolute revolution when it released nearly a year ago.

HomePod, available in white and space gray, will start shipping this December in the USA, U.K., and Australia, then follow to other parts of the globe. They've also upgraded the Memories feature with machine learning to spot different "kinds" of memories, and added a long exposure feature, so your photographs can become that much artier.

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