Italy Champions League Fans

Solenn Plantier
Juin 5, 2017

Juventus' fans gather in San Carlo's square to watch on a giant screen the Champions League final soccer match between Juventus and Real Madrid, in Turin, Italy, Saturday, June 3, 2017.

The rush caused fans to be flung against barriers and led to a stampede as people ran out of the square in fear, with bags and shoes left scattered on the ground.

More than 1,500 injured in the stampede have been treated, Italian media reports, citing the Turin prefecture.

At least seven people were taken to hospital, three of which are reported in serious condition.

A bad night for Juventus fans got even worse when a stampede broke out in a square packed with fans after firecrackers were let off.

The incident occurred shortly after Real Madrid scored its third goal before winning the match 4-1.

According to a Reuters witness, the anxiety was caused by a loud firecracker that was mistaken for a bomb.

Witnesses said there was a loud bang that sparked the panic.

Local media said that seven people, including a seven-year-old child, were seriously injured. Many people were injured when a barrier near an entrance to an underground parking facility collapsed.

"We heard a noise, then there was a movement of people like a wave and everyone started falling over each other", said Luca, one of the fans caught up in the drama. "You do not understand anything even after several minutes, it looked like a real bomb". "Everyone just trampled over me".

A fan named Filippo said that he had taken refuge in a restaurant in a neighbouring square.

They would go on to add a fourth in stoppage-time to secure back-to-back successes in Europe's premier club competition.

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