IVF doctor claims to have fathered 60 babies

Evrard Martin
Juin 3, 2017

A Dutch court has ruled that DNA tests may be carried out on the belongings of a late fertility clinic doctor accused of falsely impregnating dozens of women.

The court in Rotterdam said forensic experts may begin developing a DNA profile for Jan Karbaat, director of the former Medisch Centrum Bijdorp fertility clinic.

The test results must remain sealed, the court added, until another judge rules on whether or not the doctor's DNA profile can be compared to the DNA of the children born through IVF.

Karbaat reportedly admitted to fathering 60 children through IVF treatment, the group's lawyer, Tim Bueters, told the court.

As it happens, there's a fertility doctor in IN who's also been accused of improperly using his own sperm to impregnate patients.

The children and their families will have to start new court proceedings "to provide more proof", it said.

Eventually, if the DNA profile matches, the children, majority born in the 1980s, hope to sue the doctor, possibly on the grounds that they should not exist.

The Karbaat family lawyer has argued that DNA testing should not be performed on the objects, out of respect for the privacy of his family.

Karbaat's clinic closed eight years ago amid administrative irregularities after numerous complaints and two inspections by public health authorities.

He is thought to have falsified data as well as analysis and descriptions of the donors and to have had more than the maximum of six children allowed from a single sperm donation.

But the scandal has widened in the Netherlands.

A Dutch institute known as FIOM which is charged with investigating the case said it compared the DNA made available by his legitimate child with that of 19 people born from IVF treatment.

However, it did not offer details as to whether the 19 positive matches from the test included any of the 22 plaintiffs in the court case.

Karbaat left the clinic at Zuider, now called Maasstad Hospital, in 1979 after a dispute, and later opened his fertility clinic where the other irregularities are alleged to have occurred.

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