Jeremy Corbyn in Woman's Hour fiasco

Claudine Rigal
Juin 1, 2017

But Brexit Secretary David Davis said Mrs May "brought it back to the fundamentals" over Britain's European Union exit, while Home Secretary Amber Rudd said Mr Corbyn's answers were "really worrying for security".

"I think debates where the politicians are squabbling amongst themselves doesn't do anything for the process of electioneering".

The rivals will be questioned separately by Paxman before facing questions from the studio audience - which in previous debates has seen candidates face jeers and howls of laughter.

"Theresa May called this election because she is taking you for granted", said Leanne Wood, leader of the Welsh party Plaid Cymru.

Many political pundits felt that the Labour leader had the upper hand over Theresa May in the Channel 4 News / Sky News "Battle for Number 10" programme.

While Corbyn insisted he would "make sure there's a deal" with the European Union before the United Kingdom leaves the bloc, May said she was "prepared to walk out".

Jeremy Corbyn would find himself "alone and naked" in Brexit negotiations if he becomes Prime Minister, Theresa May has claimed.

She said: "He is not prepared to take a single hard decision for the good of our economy".

"We have to be prepared to walk out", the premier insisted, noting that some people in Europe were "talking about punishing us".

"We won't start the negotiations with megaphone diplomacy, threatening Europe with some kind of offshore tax haven on the shores of Europe", he said in a dig at May's efforts to handle Brexit.

Speaking in Wolverhampton, Mrs May said that, with Brexit talks due to begin 11 days after the June 8 election, a "revealing" TV broadcast had shown "I am ready to go".

On Monday, the European Union commission published two draft negotiation papers, detailing the commitments the United Kingdom will have to stick even upon leaving the UK.

May, who was at times heckled by the audience during the televised questioning, was asked by a serving policeman about "devastating" cuts to police numbers during her six-year tenure as interior minister. "I felt that she was exploiting the situation".

Corbyn meanwhile was grilled over his controversial relationship with the Irish Republican Army, nuclear deterrence and whether he would abolish the monarchy, given his republican stance.

Mr Corbyn replied: "Can I give you the exact figure in a moment?", adding: "All of our manifesto is fully costed and examined".

Corbyn's performance won praise from, of all people, right-wing firebrand Nigel Farage.

Mrs May also reaffirmed that she would walk away from the forthcoming Brexit negotiations without a deal rather than accept a "bad" deal.

"Saying, "No deal is better than a bad deal" four times will win the May the election", Farage wrote on Twitter, while at the same time accusing May of being an opportunist "who believes in very little".

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