John McCain: Americans 'stupid' to still want to travel to North Korea

Xavier Trudeau
Juin 21, 2017

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But on Tuesday, answering a question during an Oval Office meeting with the Ukrainian president, Trump focused on lamenting the length of Warmbier's imprisonment and the delay in securing his release.

"On behalf of the entire State Department and the United States government, I extend my condolences to the Warmbier family, and offer my prayers as they enter a time of grief no parent should ever know", said Tillerson.

He's tells The Associated Press that "It puts us in a really precarious situation when Americans are detained" in North Korea.

The death this week of an American university student held prisoner for 17 months by North Korea left OH municipal worker Jeffrey Fowle shaken.

Warmbier died on Monday.

His treating physicians said he suffered from unresponsive wakefulness, a condition also known as persistent vegetative state.

Warmbier is a smart and immensely likable kid who graduated from high school in 2013 in his hometown of Wyoming, Ohio, and enrolled in the University of Virginia.

Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum in Cincinnati says all who wish to join his family in a celebration of life are "cordially invited". Their statement Monday said he looked uncomfortable and anguished after arriving June 13, but his countenance later changed. Instead, he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor.

Richardson says he got involved in seeking Warbier's release more than a year ago at the invitation of the student's family and Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich (KAY'-sihk).

President Trump called the death of Otto Warmbier, American student freed from North Korea, a "disgrace", Tuesday.

Warmbier died Monday in OH after just being returned to the USA from North Korea, where he had been held for 17 months. At the medical center, the doctors stated that Otto's brain scans showed that there was an enormous loss of every single region of his brain. Patients in this condition can open their eyes but do not respond to commands.

Meanwhile, North Korea had made a case in its own defense claiming Otto had contracted botulism and had fallen into a coma immediately after he was sentenced.

Warmbier was arrested and imprisoned in North Korea during President Barack Obama's time in office, though North Korea only informed the USA of Warmbier's medical condition earlier this month.

He was detained at the Pyongyang airport in early January in 2016 and charged with "hostile act" against the country's authoritarian government for trying to steal a propaganda poster.

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman says he and his wife are deeply saddened by the death of "this remarkable young Ohioan". He was traveling in China when he signed up, out of curiosity and a sense of adventure, for a four-day trip to North Korea. While almost all Americans who have been there have left without incident, visitors can be suddenly seized and face lengthy incarceration for what might seem like minor infractions.

"It's a lot of your tour guide speaking very positively about Kim Jong Un, and Kim Jong Il, and how strong and confident the soldiers are, and how great it is to be here, and be part of a lovely country as North Korea", said Fletcher. They murdered him. And we know that North Korea is a criminal regime.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have condemned North Korea's treatment of Warmbier, who sustained extensive brain damage and died six days after being released. A Washington DC-based non-profit group tied Warmbier's fate to many others "starved, tortured, brutalized and killed in North Korea's political prison camps".

This story has been corrected to show the coroner's last name is Sammarco, not Sammaraco.

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