Johnny Depp asks Glastonbury crowd about assassinating Trump

Pierre Vaugeois
Juin 24, 2017

The 54-year-old actor spoke out about Trump on Thursday at the Glastonbury Festival in England.

The White House on Friday condemned remarks made by actor Johnny Depp about assassinating President Donald Trump, ABC news reported. "I lie for a living", he clarified.

"Johnny Depp should be extensively interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in order to get to the bottom of what he meant by saying that maybe it is time for an actor to murder Donald Trump", wrote another.

Actor John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

The Secret Service in a statement that it was "aware of the comments in question".

Depp definitely knew the impact of his words, evident from his comment, "Oh, this is going to be in the press".

Depp said in another interview past year that "if Donald Trump is elected president of the United States, in a kind of historical way it's exciting because we will see the actual last president of the United States, it just won't work after that". And standing up on that stage, Depp's statement brought approval, laughter, and roars from the crowd.

"Secret Service, we have video evidence of Johnny Depp threatening to assassinate President Trump".

His comments eventually circled around to President Donald Trump. And this is going to be in the press and it'll be awful.

This whole thing is a mess. The actor added: "I think he needs help, and there are many excellent dark-dark places where he could be". "I like that you are all a part of it", he continued.

Johnny Depp is apologizing for his joke about assassinatingPresident Trump, saying he didn't mean any harm by it.

Others saw the hypocrisy of Trump supporters attacking Depp and the left, what with Trump admitting to sexual assault on tape and the active oppression of sexual assault victims under the proposed GOP healthcare bill.

If Kathy Griffin's experience joking about Trump's death - by holding up a fake severed head that resembled the president - is any indication, there could be some serious blowback.

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