Men shriek as snake pops out from under truck's hood in Texas

Claudine Rigal
Juin 21, 2017

The men were in the town of New Deal in the Panhandle, about 12 miles north of Lubbock, when a spotted gold and white snake slowly slithered from under the hood of the vehicle.

"That scared the piss out of me", Moyers is heard saying in a second video.

The snake slithered back under the hood.

Wyatt added that he immediately recalled a conversation he recently had with his wife, who told him a story about a co-worker of hers who had a snake slither out of her car's air conditioning vent.

Both said they were just glad that they didn't have to get out of the truck to remove it.

When a story starts with "What the hell??" and has a middle with "Swade, he's not leaving the truck, man. He's going back in!" and "No, no, no!" before ending with **Series of high pitched screams** well then, you've got box office gold.

What's most remarkable is the snake, of course, has no hands or feet, but clings to the hood of the auto like Saran Wrap despite the fast speeds of the vehicle.

Suddenly, the snake flips backward onto the windshield and wraps itself around the windshield wiper.

The snake appears to be a bullsnake, which are not lethal, but can grow up to five feet in length.

After several "Get out of the truck" pleas from the men, the snake finally makes its full appearance and the men pull the truck over in hopes of their "friend" to slide right off.

Swade says the snake eventually fell out from under the hood of the truck.

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