Mets Apologize After Their Mascot Is Caught on Video Flipping Off Fans

Evrard Martin
Juin 3, 2017

The legendary mascot for the New York Mets flipped the bird at fans after a 7-1 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday, prompting the team to issue an apology shortly after the incident.

"The most terrifying mascot for me, Mr Met, is probably somewhere around here". "If it was directed towards other fans or others' actions I am not sure, but I did not say or do anything to provoke Mr. Met, nor did I say or do anything before, during, or after the video to provoke him".

Mr. Met sports an oversize head with baseball seams and has only four digits - three fingers and a thumb - on his hand. There's only so much an organization can do when something like this goes viral, and it will wane in due time.

In another flap, Mets pitcher Matt Harvey didn't show up for the next day's game after a late night on the town, causing the team to suspend him for three days.

The loss drops the Mets to 23-28, snapping their four game win streak and keeping them well out of reach of both the division and the wild card. The team didn't identify the person - a couple people usually fill the role during the season.

Mets reliever Jerry Blevins said he'd seen a lot during his long career, but never any mascot mayhem like this. Can someone truly extend their middle finger if they don't have one?

The Mets shared the story of Mr. Met on their homepage.

Thousands of kids were at Citi Field early for Zoo Day, and they all eagerly greeted Mr. Met when he wandered past them.

As he walked into a staff-only exit in the stadium, Mr.

"And I'm pleading the Fifth!" called out one of the mascot's handlers. "I was going to be out, then I hit into a double play".

The Mets said another person was doing Mr. Met duty for the game against Milwaukee.

It's another in a frustrating series of off-field debacles for the Mets, who seem to be underachieving at five games below the.500 mark following substantial success in the last two seasons. For what it's worth, the Mets actually came out ahead from this call, as Sogard grounded into a double play to end the Brewers' bases loaded threat in the fourth inning.

Mr. Met is not happy with his team's lackluster season so far.

DO MEET EVERYONE YOU CAN OUT OF THE COSTUME: As a mascot, anyone associated with that school or team will want to meet you and hear your stories. The person spoke anonymously to the AP because the statement the Mets released on Twitter was their only authorized comment.

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