Nevada governor signs bill to revive solar industry

Evrard Martin
Juin 16, 2017

According to a statement on his website, Governor Sandoval will sign AB 405 at 9:30 AM on Thursday at a Tesla warehouse in Las Vegas. In December 2015, utility regulators upended state law in an abrupt decision to eliminate solar net metering, blindsiding Nevada's solar industry and almost 30,000 rooftop solar customers.

PUC at the time imposed rules effectively ending net-metering, all but forcing electrical utilities to buy the energy produced by rooftop solar panels at near-retail rates. After that it will fall to 88% of retail rate for the next 80 MW, and then fall to 81% and 75% with each additional 80 MW deployed. "Because of Nevada's pro-renewable energy policies, more than $6 billion has been invested in our state".

It's been a long battle for solar energy companies, who were essentially cut out of the state after a 2016 Public Utilities Commission decision to end net metering - that's the program which gives solar owners credit for excess energy they use.

The bill signed today is created to protect Nevadans' right to generate, consume and store renewable energy, as well as their ability to connect solar energy systems to the utility in a timely manner without being subjected to burdensome requirements.

Senate Bill 554 was among the few nail-biter proposals that passed in the final hour of the 2017 legislative session on June 5.

"This new law is an important step in restoring Nevada to its rightful place as a renewable energy leader. Sandoval needs to keep protecting Nevadans' right to get their power from the sun".

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