New Apple iPhone iOS 11 feature blocks your phone when driving

Alain Brian
Juin 10, 2017

It's unknown whether or not this was simply unintended or a new feature but thankfully iOS 11 is now in developer mode and won't be released to the public until sometime this fall. Using such a device while moving is generally forbidden, but each year many motorists ignore this rule. But once iOS 11 is widely available, you can filter to your heart's content without worrying if whatever app you're using has the security capability to protect your nudes.

In the upcoming iPhone and iPad software, apps are forced to include a "While Using" option in their location tracking settings.

There is another option called Offload App, which lets you decide the particular app you want to get rid of. So far only Apple developers have the new feature.

iOS 11 is an exciting upgrade for iPhone and iPad that you can try right away. There will be a separate Games and Apps section and all the new changes have been made to make the apps more discoverable. This doesn't mean your old iPhone 5 or 5c can't still be used, it just means they can go no further in updating the operating system or its apps.

But what if you're a passenger in a auto and your phone goes to Do Not Disturb mode, even though you're not driving?

Employees Apple has put the iPad Pro six-core processor model Apple A10X Fusion, which is 30% operates faster than the A9X chipset.

And more than a year later, here we are at the beta version of iOS 11.

Also, in the former case contacts can connect when in range, in the latter they first have to be nearby (close to you, in your home) to connect.

Mind you, this isn't the only lossless file format to operate using Apple's services.

The functionality was first spotted on an iPhone 6S Plus running iOS 11 Beta 1 and is reportedly available as part of the newly announced file-management app, Files.

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