Next Transformers Movie Could Be Set In Ancient Rome

Pierre Vaugeois
Juin 25, 2017

"Transformers: The Last Knight" took $8.1 million Dollars on its second day (Thursday) which means that it took $23.8 million USD for second day reports.

Would you like to see the next title to be set in Ancient Rome? There were hopes that the series would make a change for the better the same way that the Fast and Furious movies did, but that is not the case.

Depending on how you feel about the quality of previous live-action "Transformers" films, the newest installment, is about what you'd expect for "Transformers: The Last Knight". Assuming "The Last Knight" is the final film the blockbuster saga, the adverts wouldn't bear questioning - except it's not. This is all in service of stopping the overarching threat to humanity, which has come from millions of miles away. Why is Optimus Prime reciting a monologue when the Earth is about to be destroyed? Word of mouth has even declined from a 69% definite recommend on AOE to 55% on Last Knight.

"She is ultimately the reason why devastation doesn't happen, and that was incredible to me". And it's through these pictures that we learn what became of Sam. The horns of Unicron suddenly surface on Earth, which seem to act as beacons that pull Cybertron toward it, but it's not entirely clear what their objective is. Heck, I even have an Optimus Prime bobblehead next to my bed. "It's good to see people relaxed and being confident in what you can do". But Earth may not be as safe as it seems. There are scenes in here that are filmed and edited like impressionistic montages, which would be cool, if they weren't supposed to be straightforward, plot-propelling action scenes. Suddenly, a cloaked woman comes into frame, wearing a blue/purple veil.

The woman turns back towards the camera to reveal her face.

But Bay has turned the Quintessons into a singular being, Quintessa (Gemma Chan), who is just some evil, generic, one-dimensional overlord who wants her magic staff back.

"At one point Sir Anthony Hopkins ('Remains of the Day, ' "Shadowlands") says: "What a bitchin" ride.' That's all you need know".

The perpetual digital effects are close to photorealistic, with combat sequences that integrate the Transformers with pesky humans and their ineffective guns.

As Bay indicated to Fandango in June, the latest "Transformers" film is his last.

Somewhere in a bar, as the hands on the clock struggle toward closing time, there's a half-drunken, nearly Talmudic argument raging about which "Transformers" movie is the worst. And what does she plan on doing with Unicron?

There's more metal madness at the movies! "Transformers: The Last Knight", Michael Bay's fifth movie about shape-shifting alien robots, tries to whip up tension by having some character or other remind us every five minutes that "The whole world's at stake", unless a few choice humans can ally with a few good Autobots and save the day.

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