Parliament Opening Date Set, Suggesting Tory Deal Reached

Claudine Rigal
Juin 16, 2017

Theresa May is to hold talks with the Northern Ireland political parties amid warnings an expected deal with the Democratic Unionists (DUP) to prop up her minority government will undermine the peace process. This has now been rescheduled to June 21, according to the Press Association news agency citing the Conservative's Andrea Leadsom, leader of the lower house of parliament.

What are the key issues in the Brexit negotiations?

It's been almost a week since Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May claimed victory in the general election-but the country still doesn't have a new government confirmed and ready to take charge. However, a weaker post-election Tory government has been forced to re-think its stance. The first round of talks, led by Brexit secretary David Davis and European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier are expected to last three days. Norway is in the single market, in return for accepting free immigration from the EU, EU courts and budget payments. There is a steady dialogue between the two sides that has never stopped at any point. The UK finds itself in a tough position: its future relationship could largely depend on the bill being settled, although it's unlikely to sit well with Leave voters who were promised the UK would stop sending money to Brussels.

"The talks are ongoing, they are very positive, they are constructive". A majority in Northern Ireland wanted the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union, though the DUP backed a divorce from the bloc.

But since the DUP bounced back in the British election to their highest ever haul of 10 seats, Adams had softened that hard line, telling journalists on Monday that Foster's replacement was "of course. subject to the talks".

Northern Ireland's frontier with the Republic will be the UK's only land border with the European Union once the Brexit deal is completed.

May has given no indication that she will change her plan for Brexit, though she has said she will try to achieve broader agreement across her party.

"It's a unity of goal, having voted to leave the European Union, that their government gets on with that and makes a success of it".

Sinn Fein, the SDLP and Alliance have all made clear that Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire can not chair the ongoing process to restore power sharing at Stormont because he has a conflict of interest.

Sinn Fein parliamentarians were also in London on Thursday to raise concerns with the British government that the Conservative-DUP deal could prevent the restoration of power sharing in Northern Ireland.

While DUP leader Arlene Foster has now left for Northern Ireland, leaving party colleagues to continue hammering out the details of the arrangement with the Conservatives, the other four main parties at Stormont confirmed they would meet Mrs May on Thursday afternoon. "An agreement to restore devolved power-sharing government in Stormont must be reached by the 29 June deadline", he said.

If the talks fail it may bring back direct rule from London which after all the good work of the Good Friday Agreement and the time both Sinn Fein and the DUP shared power together would be a complete shame. "It also needs to ensure that any arrangement with the DUP is public".

The government is still in talks with a small Northern Irish party to secure the support of its 10 members of parliament to pass legislation. "And that worries me a great deal about the peace process".

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