Police release dashcam footage of Tiger Woods' arrest

Claudine Rigal
Juin 12, 2017

Jupiter police release dashcam footage of Tiger Woods drug and alcohol test, after crashing his Mercedes on Monday. Both tire rims on the driver's side of the auto had visible damage, while the front and rear tires on that side were flat.

The video shows officers administering a slew of tests, including asking him to walk along the white line on the road.

Video footage of Tiger Woods being arrested for allegedly driving under the influence has been released by police in Florida. The police report corroborated Woods' statement, as he blew a.000 on a breathalyzer test.

Woods, who is recovering from back surgery, apologised and said he took "full responsibility" after spending almost four hours in jail. It was later revealed that Woods had no alcohol in his system, but in his public apology, he did admit that he was having "an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications". Woods was eventually arrested for DUI and taken into police custody.

Woods is to be arraigned 5 July in Palm Beach County court on the DUI charge.

"I am following the light", Woods replied, jabbing his finger awkwardly at it.

Queensland native Norman, who won the British Open in 1986 and 1993, said Woods' wellbeing was more important than his return to golf.

Woods, 41, is a 14-time major champion and 79-time PGA Tour victor, second all-time.

Woods tells the officer he is "following the light", his words running together.

Woods was arrested about 3 a.m., booked into jail and released on his own recognizance with no bond a few hours later, according to records. He was unable to tie his shoes and failed all other field sobriety tests.

Woods underwent back surgery last month, marking the fourth time in his career that he has undergone such a procedure, and he is expected to miss the rest of the PGA Tour season.

He apologised to his family, friends and fans, adding he would "do everything" in his power "to ensure this never happens again".

"You can't get him on a sleeping pill", said Weinstein, now a defense lawyer in Miami. According to Jupiter police, Woods "was swaying throughout the instructions of the task. lost his balance and stepped forward making a movement as if he was going to fall".

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