President Trump's financial disclosure maps out his elaborate business holdings, income sources

Claudine Rigal
Juin 25, 2017

The disclosure also shows that Trump earned almost $20 million from his Washington, D.C. luxury hotel, the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.

One marquis property showing income gain is the Palm Beach resort called the Mar-A-Lago Club, which Trump calls his southern White House and it doubled its initiation fees to $200,000 in January, weeks before Trump took office.

According to this disclosure, Trump resigned from his managing posts in nearly all of his enterprises on January 19, 2017, one day before being sworn into office at the White House.

Trump's net assets might exceed $1.4 billion due to the ranges of values in the disclosure form.The document released indicates that Trump held executive positions in 565 corporations or firms before becoming president of theUnited States.

He can take back control of the trust at any time, and is free to withdraw cash from it as he pleases.

The report covers liabilities, investments, assets, income, retirement accounts and other holdings between January 2016 and April 2017. The document provides the first snapshot of the Trump Organization's finances after its longtime leader became president.

At his golf courses alone, Trump reported $288 million in income in the past year. He listed at least $315 million in liabilities, about the same as the previous year. Instead, he transferred them into a trust in his name.

However, the documents have it impossible to calculate precise totals, according to the Office of Government Ethics. The financial disclosure form shows how Trump left 555 corporate posts in the lead up to his inauguration. The hotel is the subject of lawsuits that charge that the hotel, among other business interests is a violation of the emoluments clause, which is meant to prevent foreign governments from influencing government officials with improper presents or payments.

Mr Trump's financial disclosures have added importance because he is not following the long tradition of presidential candidates and office-holders making public their tax returns. It is worth between $5 million and $25 million and produced more than $100,001 in income, the report shows.

Despite having sold off the majority of his stocks, Trump's trust continues to hold on to at least $1.4 billion worth of other real estate and business assets. His Resort in Florida (Mar-a-Lago) also saw an increase in revenue during that same time period. It's been a location for inaugural, foreign, diplomatic, and business interest events.

The hotel is housed in the government-owned Old Post Office building, and many have argued payments from foreign governments violate anti-corruption clauses in the Constitution.

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