Protests continue in part of "Father's Day for Philando"

Claudine Rigal
Juin 19, 2017

The images included a caption that read, "You can't ignore your history ..."

Kaepernick captioned his tweet: 'The quarterback captioned the image: 'A system that perpetually condones the killing of people, without effect, doesn't need to be revised, it needs to be dismantled!'

That in itself isn't too inflammatory, but the accompanying image of a police badge pictured alongside a "runaway slave patrol" badge riled many people. "Always remember who they are".

Yanez thought Castile fit the description of a robbery suspect and was reaching for a gun.

A jury on Friday found Yanez not guilty of manslaughter for shooting Castile during a traffic stop.

The case got immediate national attention when Castile's girlfriend live-streamed the aftermath of the shooting on Facebook.

About 250 people march from St. Anthony Police headquarters down Silver Lake Road, chanting "No killer cops, no KKK, no racist U.S.A".

Sheil Kapadia of noted Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is among the players who said he believes the QB is being blackballed for his public stance.

"[Teams will] do whatever it takes to make their football team better".

Kaepernick has reported that he plans to discontinue his protest of the national anthem this year if he is signed for the 2017 season. They're made all the time.

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