Recent internet attacks in which Russians suspected

Alain Brian
Juin 2, 2017

THAAD has also angered South Korea's trade ally China, which says the system will do little to deter the missile threat from North Korea, while allowing the USA military to use the system's powerful radar to look deep into its territory, undermining its security.

As part of strengthening military ties, India and Russian Federation will hold the first tri-services exercise, Indra 2017, Modi said at a joint media address with Putin after they held extensive discussions on current bilateral and global issues. "The hackers are the same". "I'm deeply convinced that no hackers can radically influence another country's election campaign".

Observers also noted that Putin's statement further strengthens suspicions that the Kremlin is anticipating the release of evidence implicating Russian Federation in the hacking of USA institutions and campaign organizations during the general election.

He said Moscow had been encouraged by Mr Trump's campaign promises to improve Russia-US relations and expressed hope this could still happen.

The praise comes amid deepening scrutiny of alleged Russian meddling in America's democratic process on behalf of Trump, who's dismissed the probes as a "witch hunt". "I see that as an advantage-he has a fresh set of eyes".

Guillaume Poupard, director general of the ANSSI agency, told the Associated Press on Thursday that the Macron campaign hack "was so generic and simple that it could have been practically anyone".

Moreover he said that any influence there may have been from any hackers during the 2016 presidential campaign was likely inconsequential.

Putin categorically denied that the Russian state would ever be involved in hacking, but the comments were nonetheless a shift from his previous flat rejections of allegations the attacks were linked to Russia.

He acknowledged that he knows Chancellor Angela Merkel well and maintains both differences of opinion as well as points of view in common with her.

The Russian president argued that the recent worsening of relations between the West and Russia might have prompted some "patriotically-minded" Russian hackers to act on their own. The U.S. and the European Union have slapped Moscow with sanctions over its annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula and support for pro-Russian insurgency in eastern Ukraine.

Putin said he's confident Russia's economy is recovering and his policymakers are working on a series of stimulus plans to further boost growth, citing special economic zones and investment projects. The statement, combined with Putin saying that Russian Federation does not share a "tight" relationship with Pakistan, are expected to be a great diplomatic boost for India.

The four islands, called the Northern Territories in Japan and the southern Kurils in Russian Federation, were seized by the former Soviet Union at the end of the World War II, preventing the two countries from signing a peace treaty.

Washington was using North Korea as a pretext to expand its military infrastructure in Asia in the same way it had used Iran as a pretext to develop a missile shield in Europe, charged Putin. "It is theoretically possible", Putin said. This is for the first time Indo-Russia summit in Russia was happening outside Moscow in St Petersburg.

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