Reliance Jio's impact, falling data cost key takeaways from Mary Meeker's report

Claudine Rigal
Июня 2, 2017

But growth in Internet population, which has been stuck at around 10 percent for the last five years, remains solid. First is the trend of declining smartphone prices over the past couple of years. India fares better on the data front, with the annualized cost of 1 GB of data a month working out to less than 2% of per capita GDP.

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio has officially become the fourth largest telecom operator in terms of subscribers, according to data released by TRAI. Which means, that it is lower than the affordable limit of Internet as per global standards. Since converting to paid-schemes in Jio Prime, the network has retained 72 million subscribers.

The firm said India's top three incumbent telcos-Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India and Idea Cellular-together had an average ARPU of $2.8-3 (about Rs195) in 2015-16, which included voice, data and value-added services. A year earlier it grew by 15% to 198 million in. The number of sellers and amount of Amazon-owned inventory had tripled year-over-year last September, with the online marketplace's fulfilment centers also increasing by 30% last year. The Meeker report suggests that Jio has cornered 39 percent of the mobile broadband market in India and has nearly double the number of subscribers as compared to Airtel which is in the second place. In the U.S., $73 billion was spent altogether on online advertising as opposed to $23 billion in 2009 - of the $73b, $37 billion was mobile ad spend. But that doesn't address Amazon's incursion into private label consumer goods in categories like batteries and baby wipes or how Amazon and smaller retailers use data to reach customers and develop merchandising strategies. There has been a significant increase in music and video streaming overall. We only had 100 million back in 1995, so we've come a long way.

The much awaited Mary Meeker's report on Internet, Mobile and Digital has been launched; and unlike previous years, the reports focuses extensively on the usage pattern of Indians.

Android is the king of mobile operating systems in India, and the country has the highest usage of Android phones (by time spent, and the data doesn't include China) and sees the most number of downloads from the Google Play Store (again, the data doesn't include China).

The latest findings reveal that Reliance Jio's average revenue per user (ARPU) rose from $0 to $4.70 (about Rs. 300) after the company ended its free services in March 2017.

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