Republican wins Georgia election in blow to anti-Trump effort

Pierre Vaugeois
Juin 23, 2017

What's next? As the 2018 races ramp up, you can expect Democratic attention to turn to California, where seven Republican members of Congress represent districts won by Hillary Clinton. Some on the left argued for a sharper progressive message and more pointed attacks on Republicans and Trump, while Democrats from Midwestern and working-class districts emphasized the importance of an economic message that could appeal to working class voters who were drawn to Trump. "It's clear that tactic still works, still packs a punch, and it's part of a broader toxicity of being part of the Democratic brand regardless of where you are".

Her win marked an impressive rebound from polling that showed her narrowly trailing her rival as the vote approached, and signalled that Republican disillusionment about Trump was not as deep as Democrats were counting on.

"I think that she's a tremendous leader of our caucus, with the kind of strategic talent and experience that we really need to succeed in the minority and particularly when we don't control the House or Senate", said Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. Republicans hammered Ossoff in Georgia with ads labeling him the "hand-picked" candidate of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

"Admire & respect Nancy Pelosi, but in "every" race, GOP runs against her", Cher said.

I could point out that the Democrat agenda - which includes Sanctuary Cities, increased taxes, globalism, rampant illegal immigration, an economy-destroying minimum wage, praise for a failed healthcare law, support for rioting, contempt for ordinary Americans, outright hostility toward voters, and a cradle -to-grave welfare state - is actually at fault for the party's ruination.But why bother?

Republicans have held the seat since 1979. He said the next few months would become a "recruitment blitz" for Democrats as they enlist candidates in those elections. "Personally I think it's time for a new generation of leadership in the party".

Democrats must defend their current districts and win 24 GOP-held seats to regain a House majority next November. It's nearly impossible to imagine Pelosi doing the same for Ossoff or any other Democrat in a similar Republican-dominated district.

Pelosi's most logical challenger would be Rep. Joseph Crowley, D-N.Y., 55, the House Democratic Caucus chairman. "If elected, I will not vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker".

In 2010, when she was seeking the state's Republican gubernatorial nomination, Handel laughed when asked whether she supports marriage equality.

Those polar views the day after Handel's 4-point win over Ossoff can be partly attributed to sheer partisanship - voters seeing the world through their party identity.

Handel, an establishment Republican and former state secretary of state, defeated Democratic challenger and political novice Jon Ossoff by about five percentage points, USA television networks projected, denying Democrats what would have been their first election victory of the year. Turnout in the election was tepid, and the close margin was seen in both parties as a function of Democrats' greater enthusiasm for voting in a low-key race.

Handel also said that she would "absolutely" consider prohibiting gay and lesbian couples from adopting children.

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