Scotland's Sturgeon sees independence from UK by 2025: ITV

Claudine Rigal
Juin 6, 2017

A vote for the SNP is a vote to stand up for young people against the Conservatives, Mhairi Black has said, as she urges young voters to use their voice in this Thursday's election.In government, the SNP has protected and expanded the Education Maintenance Allowance which has been scrapped south of the border, and has abolished university tuition fees in Scotland while the Conservative Government in Westminister have increased them to £27,000.

The Tory leader said: "We need to pull together in order to try and deliver on the Brexit negotiations, not trying to drive these four nations apart, which is what Nicola Sturgeon is trying to do".

The beleaguered SNP leader was asked to explain the sharp decline in her approval ratings and warned her independence plans could lead to the "exceptionally scary" prospect of Scotland being outside both the United Kingdom and European Union, with "Scexit" - Scottish exit - from the United Kingdom more damaging than Brexit.

Nicola Sturgeon in the Drawing Room in Bute House, Edinburgh.

The SNP leader was interviewed on May 31 and the programme will be broadcast on Monday.

Pressed on the date, she added: "Look, you're putting arbitrary dates in my ... you know, I believe Scotland will be independent, I've always believed that".

"In 2016, we were told to vote remain to protect our place in the EU".

She said: "Given the narrowing of the polls in the rest of the United Kingdom, there is now every chance that a vote for the SNP can deny the Tories the crushing victory that they so arrogantly predicted at the start of the campaign".

Sturgeon wants another Scottish independence referendum to be held between autumn 2018 and spring 2019. "That is a democratically unsustainable position".

SNP MPs will also support a ban on exploitative zero-hours contracts and will support votes at 16 at all elections. "We did that", she said.

"Now, why I set out those dates is that that is what Theresa May is telling us right now the end of the process will be. Now, I'm not in charge of that timetable and that process".

Ms Sturgeon was campaigning in Bishopbriggs in the East Dunbartonshire seat which the Liberal Democrats are looking to reclaim.

She added that her daughter had been a "very determined" child, who announced she was going to become a lawyer aged five.

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