Senate Democrat says any WH tapes due by Friday

Claudine Rigal
Juin 19, 2017

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer said on Sunday that Trump is not under investigation for obstruction of justice in the probe into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 USA presidential race, adding that the president has not received any notification that he is being investigated.

Mueller, a former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was named last month to conduct a wide ranging criminal probe whether Trump campaign aides illegally colluded with Russian officials to help Trump win and also whether Trump obstructed justice in firing another FBI director, James Comey, at a time he was leading the Russia investigation before Mueller's appointment.

Sekulow's argument, as best I can follow, is that Trump's confirmation of the existence of an investigation isn't confirmation at all, but rather a comment about a Washington Post article that confirmed the president was the subject of an investigation into obstruction of justice.

"If President Trump were to try to replicate [former President Richard] Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre by firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in addition to Mueller, Congress must unite to stop him - without respect to party, and for the sake of the nation", he said.

Things got particularly contentious between Sekulow and Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who pointed out that Sekulow simply can not say whether the special counsel is investigating Trump.

Robert Mueller III, the special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russia's influence in the presidential elections.

Sen. Marco Rubio on Sunday rejected calls to shut down the Russian Federation probe and urged President Trump to embrace a full investigation.

But Sekulow claimed the president wasn't referring to an actual investigation in the message, but instead a news report about one.

"The tweet from the president was in response to the five anonymous sources purportedly leaking info to the Washington Post", he said.

He maintained that the president is not being investigated for obstruction of justice in an exchange with host Chris Wallace because they have not received a notice of investigation.

Like his other Sunday morning appearances, Sekulow's interview with Wallace opened with a denial that Trump was under investigation.

"How do you know?" First of all, you've now stated that he is being investigated after saying he isn't.

"Let me be clear here".

"So his legal team and the president responds", Sekulow said on NBC. The president, in his interview with my colleague Lester Holt, said it was about Russian Federation.

Constitutional scholars have debated the question for years, though the Department of Justice has said in formal opinions written under Presidents Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon that the constitution bars a sitting president from facing legal indictment.

Sekulow, "No, he's not being investigated". The response from the president, using social media, was about that story. Even if the Democrats capture the House in 2018 and overcome the adverse math in the Senate to pick up seats, they would still need substantial Republican support in the Senate to remove Trump. "I don't think it serves him well", Mr. Gingrich said Sunday on ABC's "This Week".

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