Sixty Tower Blocks Fail Fire Cladding Safety Tests After Grenfell Blaze

Claudine Rigal
Июня 26, 2017

At least 79 people died inside the furnace that that the Grenfell Tower turned into after it caught fire on June 14.

"Whilst we are clear that our cladding design and insulation significantly differs to that at Grenfell Tower, the external cladding panels did not satisfy our independent laboratory testing or the high standards we set for contractors", Gould said in a statement Thursday, adding that the council had chose to "immediately begin preparing to remove these external cladding panels".

It is up to each local authority to decide whether to evacuate residents from blocks which have failed fire tests, a spokesman for the communities and local government department told AFP.

The move was announced as London's Camden council evacuated residents in four tower blocks amid fire safety fears, while officials confirmed 60 high-rise buildings in 25 different areas of England failed combustibility tests.

"Yes, I'm still waiting and waiting to see if they're going to find us anywhere decent to go before they kick us out of here", he said.

As the charred skeleton of the 24-storey Grenfell block looms over the west of the city, London MP David Lammy said trust has hit "rock bottom" as many in the local community believe more than 79 people were killed.

The number is expected to rise further as the Building Research Establishment works around the clock testing cladding samples from building around the country.

Hundreds more have been displaced and the Government and Kensington and Chelsea Council have come under fierce criticism over their response.

The Leader of Camden Council has said some 200 residents are refusing to leave four tower blocks evacuated over fire safety concerns in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The council said residents must leave immediately because of those issues and because the towers were encased in similar cladding to the material used at Grenfell Tower. He was offered accommodation late on Saturday night but said he will not accept until the care company which helps them, agrees to working at the new location. However some tenants insisted they would have to be "dragged out by their fingernails" and accused the council of intimidation.

A public inquiry is due to determine how the unsafe cladding was allowed to be fitted onto Grenfell and other buildings in the first place. The meeting will include the Chancellor, Home Secretary and the Mayor of London.

"People have had to decide, you know, in a few minutes you know, all their possessions, what to do with them, what they might need, I don't know, for an indefinite period of time", said a woman. "You can't play Russian roulette with people's safety", he told reporters.

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