Sony talks PlayStation VR and blockbuster titles at E3

Pierre Vaugeois
Juin 15, 2017

Some are certainly saying so, though others are taking a more measured approach to their showing, and there are even those convinced that Ubisoft were the real winners of this year's event, which really tells you just how freakish and underwhelming a year it has indeed been.

Previously announced games like the new God of War showed off the angry Spartan Kratos in all his anger and violence while embarking on a journey with his young son.

From the Unchartered series, this is the first one that will not star Nathan Drake. It is right around the corner with an August 22 release date. He adds: "Where previously the emphasis around the title was on the PlayStation's graphics capacity and, to be honest, looked like your average zombie game, it is now clear that Days Gone offers more, including zombie bears".

Shadow of the Colossus already got a remastered version on the Playstation 3, after the game came out on the Playstation 2 back in 2005, where it won critical acclaim and put Team ICO on the map. Those numbers may have gone up with the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn becoming wider across its audience.

It's important to note that the base, standard game of SUPERHOT still has yet to be announced for PS4.

There was also the time-bending shooter Superhot that brings the PC shooter experience to console and an add-on for Final Fantasy XV called Monsters of the Deep. The game. It was everything one could want a Spider-Man game to be, complete with the web slinging and city traversal and a complete open world.

Finally, Sony saved the best for last as it unveiled developer Insomniac's take on the world of Spider-Man.

On top of that, the publisher also revealed that it has managed to sell more than 487.8 million games for the console, both digitally and physically.

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