South Africa, DR Congo take stock of cooperation

Claudine Rigal
Juin 26, 2017

The first decade of the South Africa-Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Bi-National Commission (BNC) was largely taken up by efforts of assisting the DRC in areas of institutional capacity building, President Jacob Zuma has said."This included the training of the DRC national army, police and diplomats, providing technical electoral support as well as conducting the important public service census", Zuma said. When we have a new, legitimate government, these deals will not be recognised by the people of Congo. The DRC is now politically stable and the security situation has improved. "Where there are still challenges, the Government of the DRC, with the assistance of the region, continent and global community, is addressing those issues", Zuma said. "Jacob Zuma can not welcome an illegitimate president", said Mpinda. It's a given. Even here - we are not facing an election, the elections are in 2019 - but because the ruling party is going to its national conference, there is a lot of interest from overseas about (sic) us and just internally, what we are doing in the party, and they think we need to be assisted also. "In this regard we wish to assure you of our continued solidarity and support", he said.

She said the meeting between the ministers of the two countries, ahead of a meeting between the two presidents on Sunday, came "at a time when your country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, is in the midst of a political transition and is faced with a lot of determined external pressure". "We wish to reiterate that dialogue and not conflict is the best way to resolve problems". Whatever they are signing today is their private business.

Last December, Kabila had agreed to step down as president after elections are held before the end of 2017, under an agreement apparently finalized by the government and the opposition. He is actually a criminal. We won't allow him to go inside.

The activists, who numbered around 15, chanted outside the presidential guest calling on Kabila to resign.

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