Surrey and Hampshire fire services respond to London fire

Xavier Trudeau
Juin 15, 2017

Plumes of black smoke were still billowing into the air hours after the blaze was sparked.

"We're proposing sprinkler systems in two further high rise blocks in the city, subject to resident consultation in the blocks concerned".

Commander Stuart Cundy of the Metropolitan Police said: "I can confirm that there are now 12 people that have died that we know of".

"This is going to be a long and complex recovery operation and I do anticipate that the number of fatalities will sadly increase beyond those 12".

After I got outside, I was looking up and I could see people banging on the windows, there was fire all around them - it was horrendous.

Look back at our live blog as the fire unfolded. "It's just such a big fire", Tim Downey, an eyewitness, told the BBC early Wednesday.

Seventy-eight people were being treated in hospitals, 18 of whom are in a critical condition.

A fire and rescue service earlier said the building had 27 floors.

"As is the case with any major incident, we - along with our partners - will review processes and systems but until the results of investigations into Grenfell Tower fire are available we can not speculate on the potential cause or causes". One resident said the fire alarm did not go off.

The company that manages the building, Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation, described the fire as "devastating".

Yaz said she received a Snapchat message from Ms Ibrham about two and a half hours after the live stream.

Emergency services staff have now searched the entire devastated building.

It wasn't pleasant to hear and it's sad knowing you can't really do anything about it because you can't get up there to help. "I think I saw people clinging to the outside of the building trying to climb down the building - I mean, it's just horrific".

"I met with the fire chief and the deputy fire chief to just see if there was anything based on information is there anything we should learn from what we have seen", he said.

Around 200 firefighters, 40 fire trucks and 20 ambulance crews were at the scene at the height of the blaze.

"There was bits of building falling off all around me, I scalded my shin on a hot piece of metal that had fallen off the building", said Jodie Martin, who lives close to the building and had gone to the scene to try to help.

"The whole landing was thick with smoke". "The fire started on the upper floors ... oh my goodness, it spread so quickly". She and her grandson sat outside the building, helplessly watching those trapped on higher floors.

Residents who escaped complained there had been no fire alarm, with many relying on neighbours to wake them as the blaze spread, and said official advice in the event of a fire had been to stay inside.

Police are unable to say how many people are missing in total.

Adi Estu, 32, who lives nearby and took refuge in a church with her husband and nine-month-old son, said: "I saw people flashing their lights for help, families flashing their mobile phones like a torch".

She added: I did see a few people jump.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said questions would need to be answered over the safety of tower blocks.

The Grenfell Tower disaster is uncomfortably similar to a fast-moving blaze at another London-area public housing project, Lakanal House, that killed six people, including three children, eight years ago.

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