Texas & Brazos Valley Connections To The Baseball Practice Shooting

Evrard Martin
Juin 16, 2017

Four Texas congressmen who were practicing for tomorrow's congressional baseball game, an annual tradition between Democrats and Republicans, are confirmed to be safe.

'I think it's important, because these people who want to destroy our lives or our livelihood here in America, they win when we give in.

A Texas congressman and a member of his staff were among those injured following gunfire during practice of a charity baseball game Wednesday morning. It's become a lasting symbol of congressional bipartisanship and camaraderie even when the nation is faced with conflict and change.

Police respond to a shooting at a Congressional baseball game in Virginia.

The shooting occurred around 7:15 a.m. ET at the Simpson baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, about a 20 minute drive from Capitol Hill.

Barth said there was nowhere for him to run when the gunman began firing, so he dropped to the ground. And we take days on in America, not off. "And we needed help". The suspect was shooting at members and staff on the field. Roger Williams - a fellow Texan - offered Brady the chance to take some grounders at second base as the team's back up.

Williams recalled running and diving headfirst into the first base dugout, which was seven feet underground, along with other congressmen and staffers.

"We were just trying to stay alive", added Barth, who said he's doing okay.

"I felt the bullet hit my leg", Barth said in the interview on GMA Thursday, alongside Williams.

In the dugout, Williams along with Sen. Jeff Flake used his belt to make a tourniquet around Barth's leg to stop the bleeding while Rep.

The congressional staffer wounded in the shooting at a congressional baseball practice Wednesday morning near Washington, D.C., is out of the hospital and recounting his harrowing experience. The gunman, James T. Hodgkinson, died in a shootout with police. "The heroes are the Capitol Hill police, the Alexandria police and Steve Scalise's security detail". "It wasn't a fair fight", said Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, who was at the practice. Scalise remained conscious and medics eventually arrived on scene to transport him to a hospital. "He held me, I held him". "He said, "OK, thanks" and turned around".

Silver City District Attorney Francesca Estevez's lawyer says the criminal charges filed against her client are "a shameful political attack" and are in retaliation for the prosecutor going public about. "That was a great relief and comfort".

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is still in the hospital and is in critical condition after undergoing hip surgery for injuries sustained during the shooting.

Barth and Williams both credited the Capitol Police officers who were at the field with Scalise for saving their lives.

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