Texas Lt. Gov. Calls Out House Members at End of Legislative Session

Claudine Rigal
Juin 1, 2017

"It is the purposeful inaction by the Texas Senate that puts us where we are today".

Despite the tensions, the budget overwhelmingly cleared both the House and Senate, and Republicans in both chambers praised it as responsible belt-tightening in the face of slumping energy prices. He accused the Senate of deliberately not approving the bill.

"We can't continue to treat this issue like a political football and punting it down the field", Creighton said. The Senate didn't take action on SB 310.

The piece of legislation that is now in the legal pipeline in Texas, more famous as the "Bathroom bill", has received strong opposition from the heads of the top 14 tech companies in the country. The latest appeal came Sunday night from state Sen. "This is about leadership. a lack of it".

The Texas Legislature has approved giving the state's often-combative Board of Education broader veto power over textbooks used across the state. It will be shuttered in just under a year unless legislation authorizing its continuation passes, officials said Sunday. He is House chairman of the Sunset Advisory Commission, which is responsible for periodic reviews of state agencies. Van Taylor, R-Plano, said senators had approved all of them by April 19. A similar measure had stalled in the House, but supporters used an amendment to tack the bathroom restrictions onto a separate and otherwise unrelated bill covering school emergency operation plans for situations such as natural disasters.

Patrick said the issue could be handled in two or three days in a special session.

Patrick echoed that sentiment, saying he had spoken with Abbott in recent hours. "They want us to stay here and get the job done", Patrick said.

After months of avoiding a vote on the divisive issue, the House on Sunday amended Senate Bill 2078 with language that would've required school districts to provide single-occupancy bathrooms, lockers rooms and changing facilities for students who don't want to use the ones associated with their "biological sex".

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has repeatedly suggested that the bill is a top priority for him.

However, Patrick said not allowing this bill to pass is morally wrong.

While Patrick is asking for a special session, the only person who can legally call one into session is Governor Greg Abbott.

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