Trump quits climate deal 'to protect Americans'

Pierre Vaugeois
Juin 3, 2017

"And yet, determination by an extraordinary array of foresighted business people, entrepreneurs, inventors, faith leaders, Mayors, citizens, and advocates will mean that the movement to address climate change in the USA will continue to grow, despite Trump's stunningly short-sighted decision".

Tapping into his campaign message "America First", Trump said the Paris accord would undermine the U.S. economy, cost United States jobs, weaken American national sovereignty and put the country at a permanent disadvantage to the other countries of the world.

"It's air pollution and public health that drove China to step up and say we're going to be a leader on climate change", said Angel Hsu, an assistant professor of environmental studies at Yale University whose research focuses in part on China's approach to climate change.

China and the United States, the world's first and second biggest polluters respectively, are together responsible for some 40% of the world's emissions and experts had warned it is vital for both to remain in the Paris agreement if it is to have any chance of succeeding. Even if we could isolate global temperature changes as tied to human activity alone, nothing proposed in this agreement would have any meaningful impact on global temperatures.

China's economy has also been slowing down, which makes its targets for lowering emissions more easily achievable than during the boom years of the early 2000s, environmentalists said.

France, Germany and Italy have said the climate deal can not be renegotiated.

Ma added that he feared Trump's decision would open the doors to climate change skeptics becoming a more vocal force within his country, and that the government needs to reassure companies that there are no mixed signals on the need to restrict emissions.

Hours before Trump's decision, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russian Federation fully supports the Paris Agreement.

Former President Vicente Fox Quesada, a longtime critic of Trump, said the decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement amounts to a declaration of war on the planet.

China overtook the United States as the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in 2007.

"We expect that that will give us standing in the future to bring lawsuits if necessary", she said. "(I) am departing presidential councils. "The Clean Power Plan along with the Paris Climate Agreement stood to harm Hoosier ratepayers and workers more than it helped the environment".

The much-anticipated decision was a culmination of one Trump's most prominent election promises as he struggles to set aside the distractions caused by accusations of his campaign's ties with Russian Federation in his first 100 days in office.

Environmentalists in the country condemned Trump's decision on Friday even as they expressed doubts about how ready China is to pick up the slack.

He has previously called climate change a "hoax".

He said: "I am fighting every day for the great people of this country". "The declines in USA emissions in the last decade have largely happened without strong climate policies, and a withdrawal from the Paris Agreement may have minimal effect on U.S. emissions but give a hit to global morale".

China, the world's largest carbon emitter, said it would stick by its commitments to the Paris agreement despite the U.S. decision.

The Trump administration said he had made phone calls to the leaders of France, the UK, Canada and Germany to explain his decision. At a meeting of the G7 in Sicily last week, only Trump refused to reaffirm their nations' continuing support for the Paris deal, which was signed by almost 200 countries.

Trump also said "not only does this deal subject our citizens to harsh economic restrictions, it fails to live up to our environmental ideals".

In short, according to him, this agreement was "less about the climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the United States".

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