Victorian DLP MP joins Bernardi's party

Evrard Martin
Juin 26, 2017

South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi is expanding his empire, with Victorian Upper House MP Rachel Carling-Jenkins confirming she will quit the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), to join his Australian Conservatives movement.

In a statement, the DLP said it should retain the seat and urged Dr Carling-Jenkins to stand for the Australian Conservatives at the next election.

"While the DLP has no way of removing Rachel from the seat we call upon her to do the right thing and step aside", the statement read.

Dr Carling-Jenkins, who now represents the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), confirmed the move on her Facebook page this morning.

Dr Carling-Jenkins was elected to the Victorian Parliament in November 2014 as a member for the Western Metropolitan region.

"Victorian voters across the state will now have a real choice at the ballot box", she said.

The party is continuing its official registration in Victoria ahead of the 2018 state election.

"I think it's time (to leave the DLP) and many voters have demanded this from me, that we unite as a conservative united front", she said.

"I thought she was someone I could deal with and someone I admire", the South Australian Senator told reporters.

He plans to have other candidates run in both the upper and lower house in Victoria's next state election, and is looking at key regional areas.

The Australian Conservatives party is considered a threat to the NSW Liberals as the splinter group gains momentum.

Mr Bernardi told reporters he would be happy for his former Liberal colleagues in Victoria and federally to join the party.

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