'A Gentleman' Trailer: Sidharth Malhotra As The 'Sundar' & 'Risky' Man Nails It!

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 10, 2017

Both the actors are pairing up for the very first time in a movie "A Gentleman" which was earlier titled "Reload'". Gaurav is ' sunder and susheel' while Rishi is 'risky.' Sidharth Malhotra managed the jugalbandi of the two alter egos easily. The 2 minutes 55 seconds video shows us the ideal yet risky life of Gaurav and Rishi (Sidharth Malhotra).

Jacqueline Fernandez who portrays Kavya is an over-enthusiastic adventurer with jaw-dropping looks. Gaurav is a sundar and susheel boy and Rishi is one taking risks. One side of the character wants a simple, happy life with a nice house and family.

Last month, the poster was released and it showed that Sidharth's character seems to have two sides - one is sundar susheel and the other is risky.

Kavya, played by Jacqueline is a young gorgeous girl, who loves Gaurav, but feels that he is too ideal. While she doesn't have any problem with him, she wants him to be a little more macho. However, life takes a twist and voilà!

It has been directed by Raj and DK and produced under the Fox Star banner. The movie has all the ingredients to be a hit.

Finally, the makers have officially released the trailer that is sure to create hype among the audience.

The couple's chemistry in the movie is too obvious to be told.

Of course since it's an action film, there are lot of high octane action scenes. The plot of "A Gentleman" is not extraordinary but it will be a treat to watch. Purely dedicated to work in hand, it is no piece of Cake to beat her!

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