'A Wrinkle in Time' trailer shows Ava DuVernay with a huge budget

Pierre Vaugeois
Juillet 18, 2017

Chris Pine joins his leading ladies from A Wrinkle in Time to debut the film's trailer at Disney's D23 Expo on Saturday (July 15) in Anaheim, Calif. On her mission she's aided by three mysterious women, played by Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling, each with awesome duds and hair. "I loved working with Oprah", the 36-year-old actor told Entertainment Tonight. But Ava contains multitudes, and we're glad to see a woman of color get the kind of big league graduation normally afforded young male tyros who go from some rando Sundance movie to "Jurassic World" or "Kong: Skull Island".

The fantasy epic was written by Oscar-winner Jennifer Lee, who wrote and co-directed "Frozen". Which in the film, admitted she had never read the book before director DuVernay approached her about the role, adding, "But when Ava mentioned it to me and told me it was a character who is one of the wisest women in the universe and is an angelic celestial being who is going to get to wear fantastic costumes and get to work with Reese and Mindy. who wouldn't say yes to that?" Oprah was honoured with a Disney Legends Award during a ceremony at the expo on Friday (14Jul17).

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