Alexa makes its full smartphone debut with a new HTC U11 app

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 17, 2017

While the HTC U11 Amazon Alexa app is U.S. only now, it will be coming to the United Kingdom in July.

Setting up HTC Alexa is pretty simple.

The new Echo, Engadget says, will use "several tweeters", instead of just one accompanied by a woofer for the low end as the current model does (the HomePod uses seven tweeters, for reference).

Amazon is also rumored to improve the far-field microphone features of the next Amazon Echo. You'll be "squeezing" your phone in new ways starting today so being on-the-go is way easier and more convenient now.

Until now Amazon has limited its artificial intelligence system, Alexa, to its Echo speakers, Fire TV and some cars - but it just went mobile.

Saying Alexa will open the assistant, but it's clumsy: The big differentiator for HTC's Alexa is its ability to hear you say "Alexa" and wake up, ready to lend a hand. The new HTC Alexa app, however, works like a charm. We recommend you do this if you already have an Amazon Echo at home since HTC Alexa doesnt support Spatial Perception as of yet. Alexa will give you a voice response, as it does on the Echo. Amazon Echo, on the other hand, did quite well when it came to its speakers.

The good news is that you don't live in that world.

Unlike the standalone speaker, you must wait for the “blip” to start speaking your command. The actual functionality will only be rolling out soon. When the Echo smart speaker was released in 2014, it was something of a novelty, though it has since invited a multitude of imitators. It has all of the skills that are loaded into my account, and it can even play music through Amazon Music without the Amazon Music app loaded onto my phone.

That's not to say there's a shortage of digital assistants from companies including Google, Apple, Samsung and others.

Regular readers here are likely to use Google Assistant or Siri on their smartphones, but millions of regular folks have an Amazon Alexa-supported device in their homes so it made sense for HTC to provide both experiences in order to satisfy all customers.

You can not interrupt Alexa by saying “Alexa, stop” while shes rambling, press the back button to do this. Now, in addition to that, HTC's Edge Sense function can now launch HTC Alexa as well, though you'll need to set that up before you use it, of course. Huawei's Mate 9 has a similar double-app setup too.

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