Amazon to introduce its own messaging app

Alain Brian
Juillet 17, 2017

It seems that Amazon is creating an all-in-one messaging platform that includes features from other social messaging platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. It is not only helping in case of chatting with one another but also an has become an indispensable factor in businesses and services.

You're probably exhausted of seeing new messaging apps attempting to break onto the scene, but it seems that retail behemoth Amazon may also try its hand at such a service - and it could put all other messaging apps to shame. Amazon says that with Anytime, users will be able to get super service on their terms, make reservations, check on orders, and shop.

Amazon's "Anytime" messaging service will also allow users to play games with their friends in groups on the platform. The app will offer a seamless chatting experience to make voice calls, video calls and chats. Even big tech names such as Facebook, Apple, and Google are battling it out on the field.

The e-commerce titan has already made progress into the messaging and communications market in recent months. The new service called "Anytime" will run on smartphones, tablets, PCs and smart watches. Echo speakers from Alexa Voice Services (AVS) are likely to be launched in India by the end of this year.

Amazon has announced that the app will be safe and encrypted. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise if the company suddenly drops a standalone messaging app. This will be a problem if nobody you know uses the new Amazon messaging app.

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