Arika shows their new fighting game at Evo 2017

Alain Brian
Juillet 17, 2017

Those same fans had their dreams fulfilled earlier this year during April Fool's Day - fighting game developer Arika dropped footage of a new fighter that included familiar faces from those EX games. "So even if you contact the official ARIKA Corporation, there is nothing you can do at this time".

If you want to see what the game looks like, you can check the trailer out below.

Thankfully, this game is actually real and coming out soon.

The YouTube description of the trailer notes that, "ARIKA has made a decision to begin development on a PlayStation 4 version of "Mysterious Fighting Game (Title Undecided)" and make a public announcement on the final day of EVO2017".

Arika stated that "This game will be the newest entry in the EX Series".

Not only will the game likely borrow mechanics from the Street Fighter EX games, but it will also feature some of the game's characters. Pre-orders for "EX" and a beta test for the end of 2017 have been only been announced for Japan thus far.

Shoryuken did a brief article pointing out that both Skullomania and Darun Mister from the Street Fighter EX series would be making an appearance in Arika's upcoming 3D fighting game.

The new fighting title from Arika will arrive in 2018 on PlayStation 4 but according to the information of the new trailer, we will have a beta and test server period later this year. Pre-orders will be available at the same time in Japan, with bonuses yet to be announced, while details on that for other regions will come at a later date.

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