Atari Releases First Images of Its New Ataribox Console

Alain Brian
Juillet 17, 2017

Atari do, however, say they're not just creating the Ataribox for old-school gaming goodness. While the internal hardware has yet to be detailed, there's the suggestion then that the Ataribox could be more powerful than your average retro console. But, given the fact the rear panel is sporting four USB ports, a HDMI connection, SD slot, and ethernet port, it's evidently going to have modern internals.

Gaming company Atari shared some images of the new Ataribox console in a message to fans on Monday (which we saw via The Verge) as well as some details about its spec sheet. However, for the last 30 years, Atari has strayed away from console hardware.

"As reported by The Verve, Atari told prospective players that "[its] objective is to create something new, that stays true to [its] heritage, while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari" in an email.

Aside from the look of the thing Atari haven't made any other announcements about what exactly they're making.

The new Ataribox console will deliver new content and also classic Atari games, so it looks like this new console will be similar to the NES and SNES Classic consoles from Nintendo.

There is also confirmation that it will come in two versions - one that's based on the original Atari VCS (2600) and another with a more modern, black and red design. It will also deliver "classic gaming content" too.

The post went on to suggest that "there are a lot of milestones, challenges and decision points in front of us in the months ahead", perhaps indicating that the console won't be ready for release in 2017. "We're not teasing you intentionally; we want to get this right, so we've opted to share things step by step as we bring Ataribox to life, and to listen closely to Atari community feedback as we do so", it said.

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