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Solenn Plantier
Juillet 17, 2017

The Knicks realize the odds are long of convincing Anthony to simply forget trade talks and accept a return to New York, especially given how aggressively Jackson pushed to run Anthony out of town. Their best season together came in 2014-15 when injuries forced Howard to miss one-half of the regular season schedule.

"It wasn't point guard and shooting guard", he said.

He mentioned a time when Jason Kidd and Kevin Johnson played for the Suns.

Houston's highly stretched pick and roll offense is not a maze.

-Houston Rockets superstar James Harden says he will be in Houston "forever" after officially signing the richest contract in NBA history.

Fast-forward three months, and it appears that Jackson's comments have hurt Anthony's trade value, ESPN said. The team wants to meet with him to try to pitch and drive home the fact that he's more valuable to them if he stays. That Squatch isn't a rug in front of Clay Bennett's desk is due to none other than Perry's kindness.

ESPN reported that the teams have expanded talks to include a third or even a fourth team. But his bite hasn't always produced the effect of lifting his teammates.

The James Harden-led Rockets finished 12 games behind the Warriors during the 2016-17 regular season.

Which brings us to Chris Paul. Momentarily, more less, the situation is the same. "That's the target, anyway". At 48 percent, Paul was one of the most efficient midrange shooters in the NBA last season. "But honestly, the only thing at this point of my career is winning, to get a championship". Let's contextualize Paul's shot selection.

With the reality sinking in that a multi-team trade would be needed, the Knicks are warming up to the possibility of bringing him back into the fold. When news broke of the new contract, Harden alluded the city as his present and future. "We'll all get better with him".

Adding to the fun was word from the man himself that he was dismayed over the deal not going through and was still counting on a trade happening.

First, it's important to consider Anthony's current team. I don't necessarily see it as a natural fit. Also be sure to follow Woj on Twitter, as he is always dropping bombs.

Fans started lining up to see Paul hours in advance.

Reports recently surfaced that the Knicks want Anthony to sit down with new general manager Scott Perry, as well as Mills and head coach Jeff Hornacek. It won't be an entirely natural shift.

While a trio of Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum and Melo is a fascinating one, it doesn't appear that Anthony has any interest. This seemed to spark a public feud between the two.

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