Blazin' Squad gearing up for huge comeback thanks to Love Island?

Pierre Vaugeois
Juillet 5, 2017

The Love Islands do battle in a pole dancing challenge on tonight's show.

One of the questions read: "What percentage of the public think Marcel shouldn't have snogged twice while in Casa Amor". They have to guess the answer in percentage whilst pole dancing.

Danielle hosts the game, with questions including "What percentage of the public think that Amber is a game player?" and "What percentage of the public think that Craig is honest?"

"What percentage of the public think Kem is better suited to Chyna than Amber?"

They even talked about dropping the L bomb last night, and seemed super loved up, despite the shocking admission from our Blazin' Squad bae that he kissed Shannen Reilly McGrath in Casa Amor, as part of a challenge.

Crestfallen, Gabby later ranted in the Beach Hut: 'Once his mistake, twice my mistake.

Love Island 2017 Gabby Marcel
Love Island 2017 Gabby Marcel

In the preview clip, Gabby clearly looks angry at Marcel for not telling her the whole story about his antics in the other villa, and later that evening she doesn't wanna hear it when he tries to apologise...

Marcel pleads: "I feel bad".

He responds: "I feel like an idiot but let me explain the situation..."

Gabby snaps back: "Two sleeps in a bed with a girl and two kisses - you are something else". "Come on Gabs, you know how much I missed you and you know how much you mean to me".

Later in the day, four Islanders were told they had to leave the villa immediately in a shock twist.

It then falls on the "most popular" boy and girl, Marcel and Montana to choose who they want to be dumped from the island from the remaining least popular guys and girls.

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