Casino vessel runs aground at Miramar Beach, 4 crew hurt

Xavier Trudeau
Juillet 17, 2017

There are now five offshore casinos in the Mandovi river, apart from a dozen-odd onshore casinos at the state's numerous five-star resorts.

The Indian Coast Guard carried out medical evacuation of four patients from a vessel off Panjim coast. A few days ago the owner of the vessel had sought permission to anchor in River Mandovi as a refuge vessel which was granted by the court. On Sunday morning, the coast guard launched a helicopter and evacuated the four crew members. It is estimated that there are 15 other crew members still present onboard.

It was also informed that the Captain of Ports had warned against moving the vessel in the Mandovi river, and even maintained that the vessel would be much safer in the port in this monsoon season.

One of the four crew members, who were being rescued, had suffered a serious injury on his hand while three others were suffering from acute sea sickness. They have not asked to be rescued. However, a tug boat rope is said to have broken which led to its grounding on the sandbar.

The vessel hit Miramar beach on Sunday Morning and later in the evening during high tide the vessel stuck right on the sea shore at Miramar.

Highly-placed sources informed this daily that the vessel housing the sixth offshore casino as promoted by the Golden Globe Hotel Private Limited, and owned by former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda got grounded on the sandbar due to gusty winds and high tide, just as efforts were being made to bring it in the Mandovi.

Aanand Madgaonkar, whose company undertook the salvage operation, blamed the owners of the vessel.

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