China braces for Typhoon Roke

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 24, 2017

"Even if the heavy rain stops, we will continue to warn people to stay vigilant", the Akita official said.

HONG Kong lowered a typhoon alert last night as Typhoon Roke weakened, with airport and transport authorities rushing to restore normal operations in the Asian financial hub.

The Hong Kong Observatory raised the typhoon signal to 8, one of its highest warnings which rate typhoons up to 10, on Sunday as Typhoon Roke is expected to make landfall over the eastern part of the city.

A reading of 8 would have meant the closure of businesses, government offices, schools, banks, port operations and the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Cyclone Roke was centered about 20km (12 miles) north of the observatory in Tsim Sha Tsui district as of 11am local time, and is forecast to move west or west-northwest at about 20km per hour, according to the observatory's latest online update.

Guangdong, which borders Hong Kong, had issued a level 3 alert on Saturday. All 12 were safely rescued.

Maenwhile, a spokesman for Hong Kong worldwide airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, said that the flights in and out of the city were operating normally for now.

Local trains were operating normally, but some bus and ferry services had been canceled earlier in the day. The annual book fair was temporarily closed due to the typhoon.

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