Chris Hemsworth Thinks Charlize Theron Should Be the New James Bond!

Pierre Vaugeois
Juillet 18, 2017

"She's physically able", Chris continued.

Ignoring the elements, the star stood out from her fellow cast members in an all-white ensemble comprised of a white bralette and a high-waisted mini-skirt.

Charlize looked in good spirits as she joined some of the other cast and crew before happily signing autographs for fans eagerly awaiting outside.

Charlize Theron has been endorsed by Chris Hemsworth to be the next James Bond! Broughton is on a mission to recover a list of double agents, in a city simmering with revolution and double-crossing hives of traitors.

The stylised action-thriller didn't come without its downside however - as the Oscar victor revealed that the bruises left on her after filming left her own mum terrified. "She was a little concerned". Check out when Love Island is on TONIGHT to find out! "She saw some of the bruises and stuff".

Scene from the movie'Atomic Blonde
Scene from the movie'Atomic Blonde

'I think she could beat the s**t out of me and most villains out there - not saying I'm a villain'. "But she definitely became protective". "The balance of that was what made me push as hard as I did on this film, because I felt so confident in what I was doing as a mother and working". Theron shared. "It energizes me".

"She made me feel very comfortable and she made me laugh".

"Your children really make you see who you really are".

It is based on the comic book of the same name written by Antony Johnson.

Atomic Blonde hits theaters on July 28.

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