Civilian casualties in the war against ISIS are skyrocketing on Trump's watch

Xavier Trudeau
Juillet 18, 2017

Despite the praiseworthy aspects of former President Barack Obama, his abysmal record concerning civilian casualties in wars overseas, as well as his broad use of drone strikes and other legal methods of war meant that he will be long-remembered, not as the "hope" and "change" president, but one who helped to further ISIS's agenda by breeding an entire new generation of terrorists. After he became President, Trump ordered the formation of a new battle plan against ISIS.

Civilian casualties from the USA -led war against the so-called Islamic State are on pace to double under President Donald Trump, according to an Airwars investigation for The Daily Beast. But as of July 13, roughly six months into Trump's presidency, over 2,200 civilians have likely died from coalition strikes.

According to an Airwars investigation conducted for The Daily Beast, at least 2,300 civilians were killed by coalition strikes from 2015 until the end of Obama's term earlier this year. Still, even the Coalition's doctored numbers show that President Trump is quickly outpacing the over-seas body count by the day. The war has escalated to extreme levels in many places like Mosul and Raqqa. The Coalition's leaders say that Trump isn't to blame at all, and rather it is due to an escalation in war tactics.

Belkis Wille, an Iraq researcher for Human Rights Watch, said that for refugees, it is the American airstrikes that have caused them the most torment. As I noted then, drone hits were never the "surgical" procedure Obama made them out be, and the Obama administration's Orwellian rules for classifying civilian casualties in drone strikes and USA military intervention in the Middle East more broadly allowed Washington to massively downplay a shockingly bloody record of innocents killed.

It is deeply saddening to know that the murder of innocent civilians in lands far away is an issue that both Democratic and Republican leaders can wholeheartedly get behind.

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