Coles Under Pressure To Reveal Its Plastic Bag Numbers

Xavier Trudeau
Juillet 17, 2017

Throughout the next 12 months, all stores within the Woolworths Group from Big W to BWS will ditch their single-use plastic bag offering in favour of more environmentally friendly re-useable plastic bags. Woolworths has reported that they were using 3.2 billion plastic bags just on their own.

And while Coles soon followed in its commitment to the initiative, long time ban-the-bags advocate John Dee from non-profit DoSomething! says the Coles must also keep to a 12 month deadline and reveal its usage rates.

He estimates Coles - which has about 800 supermarkets compared to about 990 for Woolies - are using between two billion and 2.5 billion a year, and possibly more.

'By publicly disclosing their figures, Woolworths is now in a position to transparently report to the public and government on how they are progressing with their phase out.

'As part of our commitment to better environmental outcomes, Coles will also continue to offer recycling bins for soft plastics at 630 of our stores, the largest retailer-operated recycling program of its type in Australia, ' he said.

While a number of states have already banned supply of single-use plastic bags, the NRA welcomes the recent announcement by the Queensland Government to implement a ban by next year, and in particular thanks the work of Minister Steven Miles on the delivery.

Australian retailer Woolworths has announced it will be getting rid of its single-use lightweight plastic bags by 30 June 2018. So not only can people reuse the bags for shopping but the cost will motivate people to bring their own bags.

'ALDI believes that it makes good business sense to protect and preserve the environment, ' she told AAP.

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