Daniel Radcliffe Rushes to Help Mugging Victim in London

Pierre Vaugeois
Juillet 17, 2017

HARRY Potter star Daniel Radcliffe rushed to help a tourist "slashed across the face" by moped thugs during a terrifying mugging on Friday evening.

The Evening Standard is reporting that Radcliffe was part of a group of people who came over to help a tourist after a robbery.

The victim was walking through the fashionable area when two men on a moped snatched his Louis Vuitton bag.

David Videcette told the Standard he noticed the men behaving suspiciously and began following them, intervening in the attack by shunting the moped with his vehicle after seeing them pull out a knife.

The victim - who was only in the United Kingdom for a short holiday - had been targeted for his Louis Vuitton bag, which the muggers made off with after cutting his face with a knife.

Mr Videcette said he had alerted cops after seeing the moped gang driving on bikes without plates appearing to be searching the streets for potential victims. I said, "You're Daniel Radcliffe, ' and he replied, 'I am.' He was a really nice bloke".

Apart from sustaining cuts to the face and being visibly shaken, the victim is said to be fine and thankful for the help.

Radcliffe's spokeswoman confirmed the 27-year-old was present but made no further comment.

The tourist, who was holidaying in the United Kingdom for several days, was on a side road off Chelsea's King's Road when he was attacked and robbed on Friday evening.

"Then one of them gets off and attacks a man with an expensive looking Louis Vuitton bag on the pavement". He wasn't going to give up the bag willingly.

Ex-cop David Videcette told the Evening Standard he followed the moped muggers, even shunting their bike with his auto before they sped off. There have been no arrests made and inquiries continue'.

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