Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Closed Beta Test Announced, Registrations Now Open

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 17, 2017

Today during EVO 2017, Square Enix announced their upcoming fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be holding a closed beta sometime later this summer.

We also heard that Square Enix and Koei Tecmo would like to have as many players as possible register to test the game and provide feedback.

Participation is limited to North America and Latin America, with a link for PAL regions that leads to a 404 error. On the other hand the European one appears to be directly on Sony Interactive Entertainment beta portal, so a PlayStation Network account is likely to be required.

The Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Closed Beta signup page is now live here. Combining unparalleled visuals, seamless gameplay, and your favorite characters from the past 30 years of the franchise, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT welcomes all gamers with three-versus-three battles and the series renowned "bravery combat system".

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