Falcons won't be able to open stadium roof for first games

Solenn Plantier
Juillet 26, 2017

When we last checked in on the progress of the Atlanta Falcons' new stadium, which features an eight-petal retractable roof known as "Megatron's Butthole", things were stopped up.

Therefore, he said the roof will be closed when the stadium opens for a Falcons-Arizona Cardinals exhibition game on August 26 and for the Falcons' regular-season home opener on September 17.

The stadium's retractable roof is created to move eight 500-ton steel panels in unison to open or close in about 12 minutes. Cannon blamed the inability to fully mechanize the roof on construction delays.

CBS46 is learning the last phase of the roof project will take a mandatory 40 days to complete for regulations, and as of July 25, the process hasn't started yet. Since three more construction moves of the roof are scheduled in the coming weeks, the 40-day clock won't even begin until after those moves.

"No one's ever built a fixed roof structure like that, no one's ever built an operable roof structure that sits on top of it like that, the world's largest scoreboard hanging from that opening.so it's a very complex project, and it's taking time", says Scott Jenkins, the general manger of Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

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