Government Vow To Press Ahead With Water Charges Refunds

Pierre Vaugeois
Juillet 17, 2017

Nearly a million households who paid their water charges can expect to get their money back this Autumn.

In an interview with The Sunday Independent, the Taoiseach said: "There's a cost".

"They'll get their money back".

The exact process around how refunds will be calculated has yet to be announced and legislation may be required.

An Oireachtas committee earlier this year recommended that charges should be abolished except for excessive use, and domestic water use should be funded through general taxation. In relation to more complex cases the refunds may take longer than the end of the year. "It's not going to be a Budget announcement".

It has been revealed today that the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar plans in issuing water charge refunds before the end of the year.

The Government is asking the Commission if a "one-off" payment under European Union fiscal spending rules would be allowed.

The issue of water charges has dominated the headlines for the last number of years.

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