Impact Wrestling rebranding as Global Force Wrestling

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 2, 2017

What will be the best one at Impact Wrestling Slammiversary?

Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary XV, a pay-per-view event Sunday night from Orlando, Fla., publicly reunites Jeff Jarrett with the wrestling outfit he co-founded with his dad in 2002. A report from The Tennessean noted that today, with it saying that the move is to distance the company from the financial trouble and legal drama that had surrounded it under previous ownership. Their Thursday show will still be called Impact. But at the same time, really only die-hard fans will remember all of that, so the new brand is something that they can market to the casual professional wrestling public.

"As we come together this Sunday, it'll be the biggest day for Anthem, Impact and GFW by far", Jarrett told On The Money's Richard Morgan. "We have partnerships in Mexico, Japan, other places".

Anthem Executive Vice President Ed Nordholm claimed that the rebrand was necessary due to the double entendre of the old TNA name and because of negative media coverage that the promotion received.

But what will be happening with both the TNA and GFW championship belts? Jarrett started the promotion a few years ago while he was out of the picture in TNA, ran a few small house shows and taped some television that never hit the air because he couldn't find a home for the footage.

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