Indonesian watchdog names parliamentarian as suspect in US$173 million corruption case

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 18, 2017

Novanto, who is also chairman of the Golkar party, was allegedly involved in the electronic identity card (e-ID) corruption case which leads to financial loss of 2.3 trillion rupiah (some 172.8 million USA dollars) of the state, the chairman said.

House speaker Setya Novanto (centre) is a suspect of a corruption case in Indonesia.

KPK Chairman Agus Rahardjo announced on Monday evening (17/07) that Setya Novanto - a senior Golkar party politician - is believed to have made profits for himself through the budgeting or procurement of goods and services for the e-ID program, causing state losses of at least IDR 2.3 trillion.

"We are still waiting for official notice from the KPK that it had placed our chairman, Setya Novanto, as a suspect", a spokeswoman for Golkar, Nurul Arifin, told Reuters.

The KPK's large-scale investigation, which implicates members of President Joko Widodo's ruling party - the PDI-P - and other parties in his coalition, shows the independence of the anti-corruption agency, political analysts say. "So for him to attempt to slow the process or to create obstacles would be very damaging to his popularity", Loveard said.

Golkar's secretary general, Idrus Marham, said late on Monday that the party's support for Mr Widodo's re-election bid in 2019 remains unchanged. The list of identified people includes Novanto as well.

Indonesia ranked 90 out of 176 countries in Transparency International's annual Corruption Perceptions index a year ago, on par with countries such as Liberia and Colombia.

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